ACH Group is a not-for-profit organisation which has been supporting older South Australians since 1952. ACH Group provides a complete range of aged care services including retirement and residential accommodation options, domestic, personal and nursing care in the home, respite choices and short-term transition services.

With eight fully accredited Residential Living complexes across the city of Adelaide and the nearby costal region and five Retirement Living centres located in both South Australia and Victoria, ACH Group is one of the largest not-for-profit aged care providers in Australia.

ACH Group is dedicated to creating opportunities for older people to live good lives. We believe growing older is akin to turning a new page and with it comes a sense of great anticipation and optimism.

Our focus on innovation and services that respond to changing needs reflects our desire to shift the way the community thinks about older people.

As a testament to the reach ACH Group has into the lives of older people, in addition to the eleven Residential and Retirement facilities across Australia, the personalised home care services touches the daily lives of over 21,000 older Australians year on year, ensuring older people can remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

In 2015, ACH Group was awarded Best Practice Award – for Consumer Directed Care and Re-enablement for all eight ACH Group residential facilities (in recognition for rehabilitation and early recovery via Early Intervention) – awarded by Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

Awards in the ACH Group were not just confined to the organisation, they were achieved by the very best management staff that the State has to offer.  For example, Trudy Sutton, General Manager Residential Services, ACH Group  was awarded the most outstanding aged care executive for the year 2014  by the Australian College of Health Science Managers – in recognition of her excellence in service and leadership qualities.  In addition to this prestigious honour, Trudy was also awarded the H.E.S.T.A., 2014 – South Australian Nurse of the Year in 2014.

ACH Group’s 1700 specialist staff and hundreds of volunteers share the belief that older people should be valued and respected, connected to their communities and in control of their lives. This mindset drives our every action to empower older people, to support them to lead a good life and continue to make a contribution to family, community and society.

Leadership Team at ACH Group

ACH Group is led by a very talented Leadership Team viz:

  • Mike Rungie Chief Executive Officer

    Mike is a passionate advocate for older people and a pre-eminent change agent in aged care in Australia – advocating for 'Good lives for Older People.'

    Mike's current appointments include membership of the Aged & Community Care (ACSA) Policy Forum, Churchill Fellows Association of SA and the Council of the Aging Policy Council. In 2013 Mike travelled to the US, UK and Ireland on a Geoffrey White Churchill Fellowship to explore roles for people in their 70s, 80s and 90s. This global study tour galvanized Mike’s vision for aged care into the future.

  • Anne-Marie Gillard General Manager, Health and Community Services

    Anne-Marie joined ACH Group as General Manager Health and Community Services in February 2011 and leads a team promoting a Good Life through a focus on good health and remaining active.

    Anne-Marie is a Physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Health Administration.

    Anne-Marie is a winner of the 2011 Australasian College of Health Service Management prize for best thesis in the Masters of Health Administration program at Flinders University and also the winner of the SA Health prize in Health Administration for the highest grade point average in a Masters program in the health and health management arenas.

  • Trudy Sutton General Manager Residential Services

    Trudy is a registered nurse and an educator in aged care. She has held executive management positions in the acute sector and held a position as Director of Care of three aged care facilities concurrently.

    Trudy has a particular education focus on diabetes management and aged care, as well as lecturing at both TAFE and with private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) over the last ten years.

  • Michael Elias CFO & General Manager, Housing & Corporate Services

    Michael Elias was appointed to ACH Group in 2012 as the CFO and General Manager, Housing and Corporate Services with responsibility for Housing, Finance, Risk Management & Audit, ICT, Systems & Performance and Special Projects.
    Michael is a Certified Practicing Accountant with an MBA at Uni SA and a recipient of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

  • Jeff Fiebig General Manager, Major Initiatives

    Jeff is the General Manager, Major Initiatives for the ACH Group and also advises the Italian Benevolent Foundation (Bene), the Aboriginal Elders Village Community Program and COASIT (a group of Italian organisations involved in the delivery of aged care services to people of Italian background). Jeff is recognized by both Commonwealth and State governments for his wealth of experience, policy development and innovation in aged care, having worked in senior executive positions in both the State and Federal governments.

    Jeff developed the concept of ViTA - the first Teaching, Research and Practice Residential Aged Care Service in Australia and has been instrumental in the development and introduction of innovative models of Consumer Directed Care.

What distinguishes ACH Group from the rest ?

ACH Group is no longer a traditional provider of aged care services but a promoter of Good Lives. To make this major shift in thinking, ACH Group teamed with researchers from the University of South Australia as well as customers, volunteers, staff and the broader community to understand what older people valued the most – that is, what contributes to living a “Good Life”. The six elements that the research identified now direct how ACH Group designs and offers its services – to make sure older people live their lives the way they want to and where they want to.

What makes a Good Life?

We’ve listened to our customer six elements that contribute to a Good Life. These elements shape how we deliver our services to ensure we’re supporting older people to live a life of their choosing. Find out about six elements of a “Good Life”

ACH Group - Home Care Services

Staying in your own home is something we know people want. ACH Group – Home Care Services offers a comprehensive range of quality support packages and services for older people that go beyond traditional offerings. For example, a common request is for assistance with cleaning duties. A traditional approach would be to deliver some cleaning services, however at ACH Group we will take a different approach and find out why you need assistance with this task and creatively tailor a solution. For example, if it’s due to a physical injury we might refer you to some physiotherapy services; perhaps modified equipment will enable you to complete these tasks when you didn’t think you could, or maybe you can regain some physical fitness by participating in one of our exercise classes. These services are available across Southern Australia and enable and assist older people to remain living independently in their homes and communities. Qualified, experienced and caring staff coordinate a high quality, personalised service including:

  • Domestic assistance, including cleaning
  • Personal care, including shower support
  • Nursing care
  • Shopping

  • Social support
  • Limited gardening and home maintenance
  • Respite
  • Referral to other services

Home Care Services now touches the lives of XXX older Australians per year.

ACH Group – New Age Model (called ‘Vita’)

ViTA is a state of the art centre that supports older people to rehabilitate, regain health and live good lives. It’s a new approach to not just living longer, but living better. A partnership between ACH Group, South Australian Department of Health and Flinders University, ViTA combines best practice approaches to health and aged care with a focus on teaching and research – optimising health and wellbeing outcomes for people. ViTA offers South Australians unparalleled access to the latest technology and clinical and social practices to enhance recovery and rehabilitation from illness or injury. Services are individually tailored to suit the circumstances and future needs of each person. A re-ablement approach ensures that people who access ViTA have the physical capability and confidence to carry out daily living activities. This gives them the best chance of remaining in their own homes. Offering the most advanced assistive technologies and the latest in interior design trends, a stay in ViTA’s hotel-like environment promotes optimism and speeds up recovery. A concierge service offers a little extra customer service and can help with such things as travel and dining options – because a stay in ViTA supports people to keep doing the things they love doing. As a stimulating environment for students and researchers – ViTA is a progressive health, teaching and research centre adopting new approaches to rehabilitation and restoration by:

  • Training and developing a future aged care workforce including general practitioners, nurses, allied health workers, support workers, hotel services and clerical staff.
  • Taking an Inter-Professional Learning Approach that involves students from various disciplines (eg nurses and physiotherapists) working alongside each other to improve collaboration and quality of care.

ACH Group – and Allied Health Services

ach-01Your health is important – important enough for allied health professionals to offer services that cover your whole well-being. ACH Group allied health services provide both one-on-one and group settings for older people. We offer a variety of services including:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Podiatry
  • Social Work and Counselling

ACH Group – and Health and Wellness Programs

Not all of our health programs are targeted at fixing health issues. A number of our programs are aimed at preventing conditions from getting worse and where possible, avoiding the onset of new issues. ACH Group has a range of health and wellness programs that approach health from a holistic and restorative point of view. They are designed to maximise independence, confidence, strength, flexibility and also build relationships. They will assist in building capacity to manage independently, safely and happily, at home. Our programs include:

  • Exercise Physiology – Life Exercises classes
  • Fitness and Strength classes
  • Better Balance Groups
  • Individual therapy including:
    • pain management
    • home safety including modifications
    • neurological rehabilitation
    • orthopaedic treatment
  • General Practitioner Health Assessments (by referral from GP)
  • Dementia Cognitive Stimulation Groups
  • Lifestyle and Emotional Well-being Groups
  • Managing Specific Chronic Conditions Groups including diabetes
  • Strength for Life groups

ACH Group – and Dealing with Dementia

ACH Group is very aware of the effects of dementia and its growing prevalence in communities across the world – and has developed many programs to assist in dealing with dementia personally and/or with a family member. We provide advice on reducing the risk of dementia and how you can take steps to intervene at an early stage. There is a lot that can be done to remain as healthy, active and independent as possible. ACH Group provides a range of services to assist people to continue to live good lives:

  • Flexible and individualised assistance to support people with dementia to continue the lifestyle of their choice either in their own home or in a residential care setting
  • A range of social and recreational
  • Planned regular respite for careers, either in the community or in a residential care setting
  • Information and support
  • Advocacy on behalf of the person with dementia and their carers
  • Support in the transition to residential and respite care services

Research has shown that to stay involved in physical, mental and social activities is paramount to maintain a good life for as long as possible.