Through collaboration with ACH Group, UniSA and expert aged care providers in South Australia, a comprehensive service offering has been developed for the purpose of international trade with China and ASEAN countries. Worldwide, Australia is recognised as a leader in developing sophisticated, multi-level services for its aging population – with a focus on supporting older people, carers and families.

The service on offer covers the full range of needs from early development and design of aged care facilities, to ongoing management, operations, training, education and the provision of expert advice on assistive technologies and telemedicine. The scope of the service covers retirement living, supported aged care living and a comprehensive range of home and community supported services.

Our partner, ACH Group, is a leader in Australia’s aged care sector. Renowned for their innovative rehabilitation service and facilities, as well as their unique training and education focus. Their on-campus guidance and expertise differentiates our service from others in the aged care sector not just in Australia, but globally.