Koala Care


Koala Care, a subsidiary of Australian Aged Care & Health (Export Services), delivers training programs that are unique in Australia – and represent the very best practices in caring for older people.

Koala Care training programs are purposefully designed for Chinese people working in the aged care industry in China.  The programs are pitched at several levels – from high level Study Tours to Australia for aged care Managers – through to base level training for aged care workers and new employees in the aged care industry, delivered in China.

Koala Care, in partnership with ACH Group, University of South Australia and tafeSA, has developed these suite of training programs by drawing from over six decades of Australian experience – in operating aged care facilities and aged care teaching and research.

(ACH Group, along with UniSA and tafeSA are world leaders in aged care – ACH Group in aged care services, UniSA in teaching and research and tafeSA (the largest Vocational Training College in Australia), in delivering training and aged care qualifications to over 90% of aged care workers in South Australia.)

Importantly, all programs and Study Tours are grounded on the same important basic principles – that is, caring for older people with a focus on healthy aging, person centric care and dignity and respect for the individual.

Koala Care Programs bring together:

  • the very best theoretical research about major issues related to ageing (including the onset of dementia) – through UniSA
  • the most experienced and highly rated vocational training organisation involved in training aged care workers in Australia (in tafeSA) and,
  • the most innovative aged care business with over 60 years’ experience in operations – in ACH Group.

Footage from the Koala Care’s inaugural Chinese Aged Care Leaders Study Tour – Adelaide 2017 provided on this page – gives first hand insight into the program format on offer and personal feedback from some of the participants on this program.