Case Study – Two

An older couple were living independently at home however were becoming increasingly less able to take care of themselves. The elderly man was physically unwell and suffered from an acute/terminal disease, however he was mentally quite fit. His wife was physically fit but suffered from advanced dementia and had to be cared for around the clock.

The couple had two adult daughters who worked part-time, sharing the care of their parents equally whilst both caring for grandchildren of their own. The family was gradually breaking apart.

After much anguish, the daughters finally decided to place their parents into our residential care facility. Through expert assistance they found them a small house which reminded the couple of home. It also enabled them to remain as independent as possible (with 24 hour nursing support on call). The nursing staff were able to support the elderly man who had several visits to hospital. Due to the support of the facility the man was able to relax and recuperate as he knew his wife was being cared for whilst he was away. She enjoyed the activities being held at the home as she loved singing and dancing, something her husband had been unable to do with her for many years. Whilst the woman was enjoying these activities the husband was able to have some quiet time to himself.

The daughters were able to relax and had the worry of their parents taken away. They enjoyed visiting their parents in their new home and were able to enjoy family life themselves again.