Case Study – Three

A 60-year-old man suffered a severe stroke which resulted in him losing the use of one side of his body. Following the incident he attended a special rehabilitation centre however did not make much progress; he was then moved to an aged care residential home for further rehabilitation.

At the young age of 60 the environment of an aged care home was daunting for the man. Having lost his independence, he withdrew into himself and gained an enormous amount of weight. His lack of mobility in his left side meant he was unable to feed or care for himself. As he had to depend on others for his normal daily living activities, such as showering, eating and walking, he became severely depressed and stopped conversing with others, isolating himself from those around him.

Through dedicated aged care services, a special training program was developed which included purpose built resistance gym equipment, designed especially for rehabilitating older people. The equipment that is designed to build muscle, assist in posture and aid weight loss increased the mans endorphins and made him less depressed. This exact equipment is also designed to assist people with no strength in some limbs, working these for them.

Within the first month the man could use his hand again and was able to feed and wash himself with minimal assistance. He became happier within himself and started talking to other residents and staff. Following the program, the man lost 30kgs and now has increased movement in his arm and legs. Today he is able to walk independently with the assistance of a walking stick. He has been assisting in the organic garden and has taken responsibility or some of the tasks around the home, which have significantly increased his self-esteem.

These are, by way of example, the services we offer to our international clients.