Case Study – One

An elderly couple living at home were receiving home support, however as a result of their deteriorating mobility they were both isolated and had lost touch with all of their friends. The loss of connection to friends and family resulted in the male becoming very depressed and losing interest in life. His wife also suffered depression as she was unable to go out and leave him for long; feeling an overwhelming need to care for him twenty-four hours a day.

A strategy was put in place for the couple to attend a day centre where they were able to mix with others, take part in activities, have health checks, receive nutritious meals and work towards regaining some of their strength through specially designed fitness programs.

The strategy was very successful and the couple became happier and felt better about their lives. They took more pride in their appearance as they were going out to meet other people and the fitness and meal programs allowed them to increase their strength and become more active.

They both started enjoying their lives again.